Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Religious Quandry

Now here's a question. Is religion really just a mechanism for social control and, in particular, for promoting a socially conservative agenda? Is there any more, or other, to it than that?

I'm inclined to think that there is. And I have no sympathy with the standard socially conservative agenda--on sexuality, abortion or "family values." But what else is there to religion now, as it is on the ground? Culture Wars has shaped up into a conflict between a liberal, secular elite--whose "values" I support--and a socially conservative, religious proletariat, with whom I have no sympathy.

What do I do? Oh, yeah. The Episcopal Church is socially liberal. But the problem is that they're a bunch of politically correct dingbats and don't believe in God. So the church scene is just the secular society scene in microcosm. Religious believers who are socially conservative, i.e. they want me typing and filing, nurturing and doing womanshit vs. atheists who despise me for my religious beliefs. What a bummer!