Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Multicultural Mystique

Well, I've just finished my book The Multicultural Mystique: The Liberal Case Against Diversity. I would be most grateful for comments.

I've beat my May 1 deadline by 3 months, so that's probably good. I just hope that I can use that time to get comments so that I can respond and revise given all that time I've bought for myself. So if anyone out there is still reading my blog, please help me out!

I suppose I'm blowing my cover here because you can easily track back to find out who I am from the page I've linked. But I think most people know who I am anyway. I do want to note that the views I've expressed in my blog and in the book don't represent the views of my university and also that this blog resides at a remote location, not my university server.

There's been all sorts of crap coming down these days suggesting that we academics are running a racket--overpaid, underworked, secure in our jobs so that we aren't "accountable" and given to promoting politically correct nonsense. Let me tell you it ain't so. The book I have up at this link is inflamatory and very politically incorrect: if I didn't have tenure, there is no way I could have put this up without risking my job and probably losing it. If I didn't have an academic job I wouldn't have had the time or resources to write it. What I've written is, I believe, important--not only for me to say but for people to read. Without the academic system that gives me resources, time, and safety to do this I couldn't have done it, and neither could my brother and sister academics who write stuff like this have done what they do.


Andrew said...

Let me finish my book first, OK? But I am looking forward to yours


Paco Pond said...

I took a quick look tonight and I plan to read your book in short order. I am rather sympathetic to your overall approach, and I expect to post a review soon on my blog.
Paco Pond

Boofykatz said...

I'm going to my local bookshop on Saturday to order your book, because of all the curent philosophers I read, and there are more than several, you are the one most likely to change the world. Not very likely, I must admit, but your reality based arguments and your passion are more likely to convince my friends than any amount of specialist metaphysics or epistemology. I can offer you no material encouragement, but my admiration for your forthright proselytisation is considerable.

H. E. said...

I'm blushing & thank you! But it won't be out until the end of 2007/beginning of 2008--assuming I meet the publisher's May 1 deadline. However you can have a look at the 9 drafts of chapters I have so far at

We've gotta get together next time I go back, though I think you're way up North.