Monday, May 24, 2010

Are Democrats pulling back on faith outreach?

Are Democrats pulling back on faith outreach?: "If 2008 was the year Democrats finally got religion, will 2010 be the year the party loses it again?

This is the worry among some religious progressives, who worked to transform the image of Democrats from wary -- or even hostile -- toward religion to a party that hired faith consultants, advertised regularly on Christian radio and featured candidates, including Barack Obama, who spoke openly about their relationship with God...Some religious leaders and Republicans always viewed the Democratic appeal to churchgoers as little more than window dressing -- much the same way that many African American leaders and Democrats dismiss GOP efforts to reach out to minority voters.

Of course it's true. Most of the progressive policy-makers are polite upper middle class agnostics who are clueless about religion. No one they know is religious. The religious folk are those working class white ethnic and rednecks in fly-over country. But we've got to suck up to those dummies so we'll make conservative-evangelical noises.

There were still enough of them during the last election to push Obama over the top. Obama, who is of course a polite middle class agnostic making religious noises to suck up to us religious folk. But the demographic is shrinking and it probably isn't cost effective to do any more sucking up at this point.

It's tough being a religious person in my demographic. I hate being being lumped with the evangelicals. I hate the assumption by the progressive policy-makers that people like me will be mollified by Obama's making nice to a piece of shit like Rick Warren or by support for church-run charities, which I oppose. I hate the fact that religious believers are now a minority special interest group, assumed to have a characteristic political agenda.

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