Tuesday, March 15, 2005

If you want to quote me...

It's always flattering when people pick up pieces from The Enlightenment Project and post them elsewhere on the web. But I would appreciate it if, in doing that, you post them anonymously or under my initials, as I do on this blog--or else ask permission.

I operate this blog anonymously because the pieces I write, often controversial and polemical if not flat out nasty, are my views as an individual and should not be taken as reflecting either the views of my employer or my commitments as a member of my profession.

So I hope that, in the interests of avoiding confusion, if you pick up any pieces from The Enlightenment Project you either post them anonymously or ask permission to use my name.

1 comment:

abby said...

so you're liberal and like being quoted. well so do we.
love abby of Way Better