Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Put your money where your mouth is

Hotel Labor Advisor

Conference season is here and I, like most other members of my tribe, go academic meetings at convention hotels to mouthe--to present papers, eat, drink and talk.

This year it turns out that the convention hotel for my professional society's conference is involved in a labor dispute. With the convention two weeks away it's too late to move the meetings but many of us are doing what we can to see to it that the hotel doesn't benefit from our business any more than necessary. I'll be canceling my reservation and moving to a "safe" hotel nearby.

The hotel workers' union maintains a list of hotels that are safe from labor disputes here. I wish I'd found out about this sooner!

This site is a good resource of you're on board with unrepentant liberalism and I urge you to check it out if you're looking for a hotel or making plans for a meeting.


Anonymous said...

That list doesn’t exactly impress me as a collection of with-it, happenin’ hostelries. When I was in San Fran I stayed here. In Prague I stayed here. They were both tip-top—quirky, fun, comfy and just a little zany. Well, as zany as Czechs can get.

I was going to go to New Yawk in December and stay here, but my plans changed and I didn’t get over. Would like to hear reviews, though. When I go to Barcelona in a little while I’m going to pitch my tent here. It’s one thing to be politically correct, but I’ll be d---d if I stay at the Holiday Inn.

What’s really annoying is that when you want to google up a specific hotel, you have to wade through hundreds and hundreds of “”-type hits. Things like that really add stress to my life.


Anonymous said...

Have you actually looked in to the substance of the dispute? Or are you just operating on the assumption that in any disagreement between labor and management, labor must be right?

H. E. said...
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H. E. said...

Radicalfeministpoet, damn yer eyes, these hotels in Prague, Barcelona, and SF have websites with music on them! You're either independently wealthy or you linguistics people get a much better deal then we do. For my spring frolics I'm going to Moscow, Idaho where I'll be staying here and Newburg, Oregon here.

The Sir Francis Drake though I'm told has staff dressed in Beefeater costumes and also complementary wifi. See Brian Weatherson's blog and scroll down for a fuller discussion of the San Francisco APA kerfuffle and alternative hotels in the area.

Anonymous said...

Well, I go on holiday sometimes; when I went to Bilbao last year for a long weekend I stayed here. That was a fun place, lots of tapas/pintxos and shoe shops. The Guggenheim is really nice; pity the art sucks. Fortunately the top floor was closed so they could change exhibitions, so I got a cut-rate admission.

I agree it's nice to get drunk in strange places. When I was in Rome 2 years ago with a companion from Northern Ireland, we ended up drinking Guiness on the sidewalk cafe of some Irish bar (yes, they're everywhere). I would have rather had a Montepulciano, but those Paddies can't help themselves, even the protestant ones, who think they're different. (They're not). Today being St Paddy's day, the pub in my village is flying an Irish tricolour, right across from the 14th century village church. It's like being back in Boston.


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